DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – New data from The Ohio Department of Health shows that Ohioans eligible to be vaccinated are still under 50%, and only 48% of people have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

As of this writing, only 45% of Ohioans are fully vaccinated.

Low numbers like these are concerning to many doctors as the highly contagious Delta variant becomes the most common strain of the coronavirus in America.

“I think it’s a little disappointing. If you look at the ranking of states, Ohio is 28th in the country in terms of fully vaccinated population as well as even first dose. So, we’re lagging,” said Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein, patient safety officer for Kettering Health.

Dan Suffoletto, public information supervisor for Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County, said while much of the older population has received their vaccinations, it’s been more difficult convincing and reaching out to younger people.

“Many young people think they’re immune to everything. Nothing’s gonna hurt them. They just don’t really take their health as seriously when they’re younger, maybe as the older people do. We want to make sure people understand even if cases are going down you’re still at risk if you’re not vaccinated,” said Suffoletto.

Weinstein said that the Delta variant doesn’t care what age people are, and that it’s causing more disease in people as young as 30, even sending some to the intensive care units or putting them on ventilators.

Though not perfect, Weinstein said getting vaccinated is far safer than the risk of catching the virus. “Some people could still get infected, but by and large they’re not getting severely infected, not getting admitted to the hospital, and not dying.”

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