DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Since December 30, the Ohio National Guard has been assisting Miami Valley Hospital workers as COVID cases continue to cause added hospital stress.

Miami Valley Hospital President Michael Uhl said the guard is aiding in three areas: environmental services, nutrition services and patient transport. “We have a total of 80 guard personnel here at Miami Valley Hospital, with an additional ten at our on main COVID testing site,” said Uhl.

The guard personnel aren’t providing patient care, but are working to help in other impactful areas. “Making sure that patient meal delivery runs on time. Helping us clean various areas of the hospital so that as patients are discharged, so that we can clean those rooms more expeditiously, because we know there’s another patient who’s going to need that bed.”

Uhl said the guard has lifted significant weight from hospital workers, especially during a time when the hospital is seeing 89% of their COVID-19 patients unvaccinated. “We’re still seeing a large percentage of other nonCOVID-related disease processes and illnesses come in as well.”

Thankful to the extra help which is allowing front-line workers to continue providing high quality treatment for patients. “They’ve been fantastic partners, especially as we’ve been battling some of our own team members going out ill. So, they’ve really been able to supplement our entire team.”

Uhl said there’s no time limit for how long the Ohio National Guard will be with them, but said he and his team will continue to monitor cases and the need for assistance.