DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel voted to endorse the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 Tuesday and parents in the Miami Valley are reacting to the vote.

An FDA panel voted unanimously, with one member abstaining, that the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine for young children outweighs the risk. The dose for this age group would be one-third of the regular dose.

Though the decision was unanimous, some members of the panel voiced concerns over myocarditis, a rare vaccine side effect in teens and young adults that causes heart inflammation. “I think we have to very carefully monitor the safety profile of this vaccine going forward,” FDA Advisor Dr. Cody Meissner said.

However, others on the committee said the vaccine will prevent severe COVID-19 cases in kids. “Use of this vaccine will prevent death, will prevent ICUs, ICU admissions, and will prevent significant long-term adverse outcomes in children,” FDA Advisor Dr Amanda Cohn said.

As the vaccine for younger children moves a step closer to authorization, some parents and grandparents in the Miami Valley said they are apprehensive about the decision.

“It’s too soon, I wish we’d wait a little more, get more research on it, but I do think it’s something we’re going to need in the future because they’re really being sick, so I think this might help,” grandparent Kim Johnson said.

Some parents said their kids won’t be getting the vaccine if it’s authorized due to it being new and seeing things like breakthrough cases.

“They can’t make those decisions on their own, so you know, it’s up to the adult, but I would hope that the adults would be wise enough, if it’s not working on adults, then why would it work on children?” parent Eric Davis said.

“Until there’s more research done, and more of a track record, we wouldn’t be in favor of giving it to our children or grandchildren,” parent and grandparent Eric Vincent said.

There are still two more steps before this vaccine is available to young children. The FDA is not tied to this recommendation and will make it’s own decision in the coming days. The CDC will then consider what the FDA says and decide whether or not to recommend it.