DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – After more than a year of wearing masks, the sudden announcement of masking ordinance changes and the prospect of pre-pandemic normalcy can be a jarring transition.

“The data shows that the vaccines is very highly effective — 95 or even 99 percent effective in preventing you from getting infected,” said Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein, patient safety officer at Kettering Health.

However, Weinstein said he completely understands the uncertainty many might still feel.

“None of these regulations mean you can’t still wear a mask. Bring a mask with you in a crowded area. If you feel like you need it put it on,” said Weinstein.

Bianca Battis is a pregnant soon-to-be-mother of five children. Although she’s vaccinated, Battis worries about bringing the virus home to her children if she doesn’t wear a mask.

“I guess the only weird part about it is that you don’t know if the people not wearing masks are vaccinated themselves. You know being pregnant it kinda puts me at a higher risk of contracting it,” said Battis.

Weinstein encourages those nervous about removing their mask to talk with either a primary care doctor or review the data the CDC’s website might have.