DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – For people who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, it might not be necessary to rush and get tested. Kettering Health Patient Safety Officer Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein says for people who are healthy and under the age of 65, quarantining and saving tests for others who might need it more should be OK.

“If it’s someone who’s in pretty good health, they’re able to stay at home, they’re able to totally quarantine and isolate…if they can do that and they’re a healthy person, I’m not sure it’s mandatory to get tested right now,” said Dr. Weinstein.

However, those with pre-existing conditions or planning to attend an event or family gathering should still get tested. “Particularly those with risk factors. Diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease, or any of those immune compromising conditions that we’ve noted.”

In Meghan Morgan’s family of five, her son was recently the only one to test positive for COVID. “He was the least sick of all of us. It’s just so bizarre. I feel like over the course of this pandemic we’ve just spent an obscene amount of money on rapid home tests,” said Morgan.

Morgan says in the future, she and her family might just monitor any pop-up symptoms and stay home instead of resulting in always testing. “Kind of just assume that we can’t depend on our medical community to address every single case and every single symptom because there’s just too many…there’s just too many.”

Dr. Weinstein also encourages people who aren’t sure if they should just quarantine when experiencing symptoms to get tested or to reach out to their physician with any questions or concerns.