DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Clark and Greene county families can find free COVID-19 tests while preparing to travel for the holidays this year.

Clark County

According to a press release by the Clark County Combined Health District, county residents can pick up free rapid antigen tests during a “Testgiving” drive-thru event on Friday, Nov. 18.

From  8 a.m. until 5 p.m., residents can attend the event at 529 East Home Rd. and receive tests to take home to their families.

Last August, the Clark County Combined Health District handed out over 350 COVID-19 tests. This time, they’re aiming even higher.

“We’re hoping to equip our local families with 2,000 tests or more so they can help keep themselves and their loved ones healthy,” said Stephanie Johnson, coordinator of the event.

These tests can help limit the spread of COVID-19 if taken as soon as someone feels sick. Early detection not only helps stop the spread but also helps the individual to recover quickly.

“If a person tests positive for COVID and is at higher risk for severe illness due to age or medical conditions, treatments are available that can minimize symptoms and reduce chances of serious illness or hospitalization,” the release stated. “However, those treatments must be started as soon as possible upon infection, which makes early detection of a COVID illness extremely important.”

For more information, visit the Clark County Combined Health District website here.

Greene County

In Greene County, residents can come to the health district’s main office at 360 Wilson Dr. in Xenia on Monday, Nov. 21.

Test kits will be handed out in a drive-thru from 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.

“With RSV, Flu and COVID-19 circulating throughout the country and the state, and with the coming holiday, this is a perfect time to get additional test kits out to the public. This will allow them to have that tool in their toolbox to either rule out COVID-19 or take the appropriate action before gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday if they are feeling under the weather,” Health Commissioner Melissa Howell said. “We want everyone to enjoy this special holiday together while staying healthy and safe.”

For more information, visit the Greene County Public Health website here.