COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) — Gov. Mike DeWine enlisted the former governor of New Jersey, who recently recovered after a harrowing experience with COVID-19. Chris Christie was diagnosed with the virus after President Donald Trump tested positive, and spent a week in the ICU.

“I thought I was safe, and I was wrong. I took my mask off, and I left it off for the time I was inside the White House gates. Soon after I began to feel the freight train of symptoms,” said Former N.J. Governor Chris Christie.

Christie said that he never realized how isolating it was to be in the ICU with COVID-19. He explained that nurses communicated with him through thick plastic walls using whiteboards and when they did enter, they wore heavy PPE.

He told Ohioans that he was left alone with his thoughts for a very long time, and that life and death often came to mind as his symptoms ebbed and flowed.

“I want everyone to understand that this is one of the most unpredictable, random, and brutal viruses that you’ll ever see. My message is that there is no place to hide if you are not going to wear a mask, remain socially distant, and wash your hands frequently.”

Christie said that DeWine is doing the right thing for the people of Ohio. That he is among the best when it comes to his approach to the pandemic. He acknowledged that people are tired of the restrictions but urged Ohioans to listen to the governor.

“As tired as you are of keeping that mask on – you will take those days in a heartbeat as compared to getting this disease,” said Christie. “I want to tell the people of Ohio that what the Governor is asking you to do is the right thing to do.”