DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – News of a US Food and Drug Administration approval of Pfizer’s 2 dose COVID-19 vaccination comes as a relief to many health care workers across the US and here in Ohio.

“With the announcement by the FDA of their full approval of our covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer, I think those who’d been waiting for the extra sign of approval can really rest assured and get in line for the vaccine,” said Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff.

In The Miami Valley, many local health care workers are also excited with the news of an approval.

“There are quite a few individuals who said they’ve been waiting to make that final decision after full approval was given. So, now we expect a continued increase,” said Clark County Combined Health District Health Commissioner Charles Patterson.

Patterson says fully vaccinated rates for people eligible in Clark County is expected to hit 50% this week. However, health care workers in Clark County still remain concerned about the rising case rates. “We went from 167 cases to 261 cases in a week. That’s a pretty good increase, almost 100 additional cases in a week,” said Patterson.

The hope remains that the FDA’s approval outweighs claims that getting the Pfizer covid-19 vaccination isn’t safe. “It’ll hopefully address some of the concerns, as it relates to Pfizer for people that have been doubtful about this being an approved vaccination, that it was a vaccine at all,” said Miami Valley Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roberto Colon.

Dr. Colon also says that while there’s now an FDA approval, it’s not much of a change from the emergency use approval that Pfizer already had.

“It’s that 6 months of data that we had to submit to the FDA. Some of the branding that comes with it. Then, the final classification that this is an approved vaccination, so that’s the language that changes,” said Dr. Colon.

Patterson says with this approval, along with a booster shot now available to certain people, Clark County health workers are ready for the increased vaccine traffic. “It gives us hope, and right now we could certainly use some hope. I think the community could certainly use hope in the fight against covid19,” said Patterson.