DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Following the FDA and CDC’s approval of a Pfizer booster dose for certain groups of people, many local health experts say this will help add an extra layer of protection to our most vulnerable.

“As you get out six to nine months from when you had your original vaccine series that the protection begins to wean a little bit. Meaning, we’re seeing those breakthrough cases in those populations,” said Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein, patient safety officer for Kettering Health.

The FDA and CDC’s approval of the Pfizer booster applies to people ages 65 and older, and those at high risk such as hospital workers.

“We’re already doing boosters for people who are immunosuppressed. Both, for instance at our Kettering Health Clinics, but also the drugstores like CVS and others who are giving boosters currently,” Weinstein said.

Dan Suffoletto, public information supervisor for Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County, said he and his team are ready to provide boosters.

“There’s ample of [sic] supply for what we need, and we have no concern for the number of doses that would be available,” Suffoletto said.

However, Suffoletto said the main concern right now is with the unvaccinated. Currently, only 51.5% of people in the county have at least started the vaccination process. Suffoletto says he and his team continue to encourage people to get their first dose as well.

“Even though we’re talking about booster doses, we really need to emphasize the need for that first dose. The first dose is very important. People shouldn’t be only focusing on the booster dose. We really need to be focusing on the people who’ve not gotten that vaccine yet,” Suffoletto said.

With hospitals across the country and here in the Miami Valley overflowing with COVID-19 cases, and fully vaccinated people getting and spreading the virus too, medical experts are hopeful a booster can combat some of these setbacks.