COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) – In a forthcoming order from the state, parents or guardians as well as school staff will be asked to notify their school within 24 hours of receiving a positive test or a clinical diagnosis.

This will go into effect on September 8.

From this point, the school is expected to notify parents or guardians of the case in writing within 24 hours after receiving notification, providing as much information is possible without releasing sensitive health information. The school must also notify their local health department within 24 hours.

There will be templates available on the state coronavirus website.

Additionally, local health departments will report the newly reported and cumulative cases to the Ohio Department of Health every Tuesday starting September 15. There will be a website template for this as well.

The Ohio Department of Health will publish this data every Thursday.

A school district or school will also be asked to designate a COVID-19 coordinator to facilitate this reporting and upon request, schools or buildings will be required to provide the local health department a copy of their pandemic plan.