DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A doctor with Dayton Children’s Hospital spoke at Gov. Mike DeWine’s Tuesday news briefing to discuss what schools can do if they have COVID-19 cases in their buildings.

Dr. Adam Mezoff followed remarks from Dr. John Barnard of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, who discussed the prevalence of COVID-19 among children, and Dr. Patty manning of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, who discussed virus spread involving children.

Dr. Mezoff says the best thing parents can do to keep their kids safe starts with talking with them at home to ensure they understand how the school year may look a little different and what precautions they should be taking.

Dayton Children’s has been working with local health departments and school districts to try to help develop “a path forward” using an evidence-based guide to help people think about virus-related problems as they may arise. Recognizing that coronavirus is not the only illness that will make its way through classrooms, Dr. Mezoff says one of the messages given to both hospital staff and to schools is “if you’re sick, stay home.”

He offered a few scenarios that schools may encounter as they return to the classroom.

Dr. Mezoff says there is also a challenge in determining the exact contact level students may encounter, especially as schools consider intermittent contact.

“We are trying to make a judgement based, if you will, on the intensity of the exposure,” he said.

He goes on to say the hospital is working on a hotline to help schools sort through these questions as they arise.