DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Medical leaders from hospitals across the Miami Valley spoke Thursday about the continuing rise of COVID-19 Delta variant cases in the region and its impact on healthcare workers at hospitals in the Dayton area.

For the last three weeks hospitals in the Miami Valley have maintained 350-390 patients due to COVID the Delta variant alone. “The patients that we’re seeing inside the walls of our hospitals right now are younger, sicker and are having longer lengths of stay than what we’ve previously with other variants,” said President and CEO of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Sarah Hackenbracht.

Hackenbracht said the population caregivers are seeing has an impact on frontline workers. “Today, staffers spend more time with people who look like them, have a similar family or life experience or life circumstance,” Hackenbracht said. “It is having a significant impact on the mental wellness and the health of our caregivers.”

Medical professionals warned of the coming storm as flu season is upon us and Delta variant patients fill hospitals. “The time has come to help us weather the next step with COVID-19 and the Delta variant as we prepare to also manage our seasonal flu,” said Hackenbracht.

Hospitals continue to encourage and provide vaccines and have begun administering booster doses. Health officials also said they are waiting for approval of additional vaccines and treatments to bolster the immunity of the entire community.

2 NEWS Reporter Aliah Williamson is covering this story and will have more information about what health leaders had to say both online and on air.

According to the Ohio Coronavirus Dashboard, since Sept. 1, 2021, Montgomery County reported more than 10,000 cases with more than 700 hospitalizations and 67 deaths. In that same time period, Ohio has seen more than 203,000 cases with nearly 7,000 hospitalizations and more than 1,000 deaths.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 6, the state is reporting a total of 1,445,786 (+6,296) total cases since the start of the pandemic, leading to 74,620 (+337) hospitalizations and 9,609 (+21) ICU admissions. A total of 6,344,385 Ohioans — 54.28% of the state’s population — has started the vaccination process. That’s an increase of 7,086 from the previous day.