DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Recent CDC reports show that new COVID cases are up over 69% from the previous week all across the United States. Here in The Miami Valley, medical experts say they’re feeling that affect.

“Here at Kettering our census of COVID patients from a couple weeks ago has quadrupled, it’s gone up,” said Dr. Patrick Lytle, vice president of clinical outcomes at Kettering Health.

Both Lytle and Dr. Roberto Colon, chief medical officer at Miami Valley Hospital, say most of the patients hospitalized with the virus are unvaccinated.

“The percentage of the new cases that are occurring in vaccinated individuals is still very very small. The vast majority of these cases have been people who are not vaccinated for COVID,” said Colon.

Doctors estimate that the new and highly contagious Delta variant is making up most of the cases they’re seeing.

“We’ve had patients that say, ‘You know I didn’t think I was vulnerable so I didn’t get the vaccine,'” said Dr. Lytle.

Colon said just because a person appears healthy, doesn’t mean they can’t get the virus. “We have had individuals who were otherwise healthy, no medical problems … people who’ve gone into respiratory failure and some people who’ve died.”

Both Colon and Lytle feel the vaccine is key in preventing serious illness.

“This is something that we could be preventing that’s every single day. That as a physician is incredibly frustrating. because these are needless deaths,” said Colon.