DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – COVID-19 cases in Ohio are up for the third consecutive week since the state started weekly reporting. Miami Valley health officials said it’s too soon to sound an alarm, but they’re watching recent data.

COVID-19 cases in Ohio are more than double where they were a month ago.

Hospitalizations in the Miami Valley have remained low in recent weeks, with 15 hospitalizations currently reported for the region by the Ohio Hospital Association.

“We are in a very good place with regards to hospitalizations, and I think it gives everybody a moment to catch their breath,” Miami Valley Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roberto Colon said.

However, healthcare workers haven’t let their guard down.

“Outside the doors, it’s like the sun’s coming out, it’s really amazing,” Kettering Health Emergency Physician Dr. Nancy Pook said. “Inside the doors, we’re keeping our vigilance up. Just rest assured, the masks are still there, the gloves are there, we are protecting those around us.”

The Ohio Department of Health on Thursday reported 6,890 new COVID-19 cases for the past week. That’s up 43% over last week when 4,808 were reported.

Hospital officials say there’s been a slight increase in hospitalizations. However, most cases they see now are mild and don’t need hospitalization. They’ll continue to watch where the data will go next.

“We can’t ignore this,” Colon said. “We’ve got to pay attention because we don’t know if this is just what the norm will be with some of these periodic highs and lows, or if this will be the beginning of a much bigger upward trajectory.”

As we adapt to living with COVID-19, health officials said it’s not yet time to forget about it completely.

“Number one, get vaccinated, that’s always the first choice there in terms of what needs to be done,” Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County Public Information Supervisor Dan Suffoletto said. “Then also we have to remember to not ignore illness. So if you’re sick, you want to make sure you’re identifying that that sickness is.”

As we approach spring and summer events, it’s recommended you continue to choose outdoor activities to cut back on potential COVID-19 spread.