DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Holly Clawson is on a mission that started when she was just a little girl.

“I started working in shelters when I was 11 and that was 44 years ago. We’ve been all over the country and the world. I always worked in animal rescue, got into some of it here and decided it was time to open up my own,” she said.

Even though her kids are all grown up and out of the house, she’s still managing to stay busy.

“Cats have just always been my favorite. I’m actually allergic to short-haired cats, but that’s the price you pay,” Clawson said.

She is the owner of LiFeline Cat Rescue, operating on Terre Linda Drive, adopting cats right off her front porch and in some cases, giving stray cats in her own neighborhood a new future.

“We work to get them healthy and vetted and into really good homes,” Clawson said. “Everybody gets the job done. We do TNR, Trap Neuter Return, for a lot of the feral cats. If we take your kittens and you have a feral cat, we’ll get her fixed, too.”

The LiFeline Cat Rescue Facebook page has just over 3,200 followers and counting; a virtual community with a shared interest.

“It’s only our volunteers, like today, someone is going on vacation and they need somebody to take care of their two kittens for a few days and she put it on there. Somebody will step up and do it.”

Clawson says they get a little help from the bigger guys, too. The small adoption organization also works directly with PetSmart, extending their reach and finding homes for these animals even faster.

The first year, the rescue adopted 500 cats, the second year a little over 300. This year, the goal is 700.