CLARK COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – At Clark County SPCA, many furry friends are looking for a home. Let’s go meet some of them.

Meet Max.

“He’s just all-around a good dog,” said Libby Breese, shelter technician at Clark County SPCA.

Max is a sweet and loving terrier mix around two years old and looking for a home.

Brooke Hunter, another shelter technician said, “Max is super playful, talkative little cuddle bug, loves to give kisses, good around other dogs”

He’s called the shelter home since July and is ready to settle with a family that loves some playtime.

“Just somebody come adopt him … he needs a loving home, he really does,” Breese said.

And if Max isn’t your guy, you’ll most definitely be able to find your companion here.

“Just come down and see what we got…We have a bunch of others that are ready for their homes,” Hunter said.

The Clark County SPCA is out to make a difference.

Krissi Hawke, director of the Clark County SPCA said, “Our mission was to fill in a void and to fill in the missing education…and to help place homeless animals”

And this is just one of several organizations teaming up with WDTN’s annual Clear the Shelters Campaign, helping all sorts of little paws find a fresh start.

Hawke said, “We’re a small shelter but our animals are just as important.”

These organizations are working tirelessly to empty cages and fill homes, and they make it easy for you.

Breese said, “You come in and you meet with the animal, and if you have any other dogs you bring them in to meet them…You fill out the application and if you’re approved…we go from there.”

If you don’t feel like you can adopt right now, there are still ways you can support Clark County SPCA.

“You can always fill out a volunteer application and volunteer your time…foster parents,” Hawke said.

These shelters and volunteers are improving their quality of life while waiting for their new families to take them home.

“Every animal adopted is an animal saved,” Hawke said.

This gives dogs like Max another chance. You can help us clear the shelters, one empty kennel at a time, by adopting today.