DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Some things in life are just meant to be.

One couple who adopted a dog from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton says there was no doubt that “Jeffrey” was the missing piece of their family.

The Hurt family of Columbus knew they wanted a “Jeffrey” long before Jeffrey even existed.

“All Leah wanted in life — if we ever were to have another dog — she wanted like a boxer lab… or a boxer whippet,” Matthew Hurt said. “Just like to mush them together.”

“To have a little bit of both of them,” Leah Hurt said.

Leah’s dream dog was a combination of her much-beloved Roxie and her husband’s perfect pooch, Isabel.

After both elderly dogs passed, Matthew began looking for that “mushed” together version of the two.

“I would send her photos of puppies and she’s like… just stop it,” Matthew said. “She’s the level headed one.”

For a long time… Leah wasn’t interested. But that quickly changed when Matthew found Jeffrey.

“I was looking through the Dayton Humane Society website and I pulled up Jeffrey and I showed it to her and she literally like gasped,” Matthew said. “Hand over her mouth.”

“We just looked at each other and were like, oh no,” Leah said. “Like… We’re getting this dog.”

So they loaded up and drove to meet Jeffrey. They say it was love at first sight.

Within the first few minutes, everyone knew: Jeffrey had found his family, and the Hurts had found exactly the dog they were looking for.

The Humane Society’s CEO says Jeffrey’s story is the goal for every pet here.

“To find forever homes,” said Brian Weltge, CEO of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. “Families that want to adopt and make the pets that are up for adoption a part of their family. We believe that animals like this are furry family members. So when we can adopt and make the family happy or the individual happy that’s the goal.”

And while Jeffrey may not be the “perfect” dog…

“The kids have to keep their toys picked up because anything that’s left he’s going to scoop right up,” Leah said.

“All of my hats are chewed up right now too,” Matthew said. “I got four new hats and three of them have been chewed up by Jeffrey already.”

He was a perfect addition to the Hurt family.

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Find out more by visiting their website: Clear the Shelters Kick Off Event | Humane Society of Greater Dayton (