Greene County Animal Control works to keep their community safe, along with finding animals loving homes.

Jarrod Mitchell, Greene County Animal Control Outreach Coordinator, said law enforcement is their focus and how they do their business. But their team does more than just protect the public.

“Any animals that go stray, we get them in, we get care for them,” Mitchell said. “We try to get those animals back to owners as fast as we can.”

According to Mitchell, Greene County Animal Control averages over 250 adoptions per year, along with 200 animals returned to owners.

Greene County Animal Control Officer, Gabriella Hicks said they recieve calls from all over Greene County.

“Anywhere from chasing dogs, dogs and hot cars to humane and welfare checks,” Hicks said.

Mitchell emphasized the importance of adoption.

“You know, these animals, they are strays, they don’t have homes, and we don’t call them homeless for no reason,” Mitchell said. “The development of animals in a shelter is no place to be. There’s a lot of great animals that just have been disregarded in some way somehow and looking for great homes.”

Mitchell said the average time from intake to adoption is 35 days for both dogs and cats, but not every animal is adopted in that time frame.

Their longest resident, Tilt, has been in Greene County’s care for over 4 months.

Tilt, a Terrier and American Pit Bull mix, is about 6 years old. Greene County is hoping to find him a loving home before the 5 month mark. Photograph from Greene County Animal Control.

The Clear the Shelters campaign is about more than just emptying kennels, Mitchell said.

“It just puts a focus on how important it is to help animals in an animal shelter. environment, not just necessarily adopt, but just the awareness, that promotion of it,” Mitchell said.

Dog Adoption fees include a vet exam, vaccinations, heartworm testing, micro chipping and current year registration for $135.00. Cat Adoption fees are $90.00 including vet exam, vaccinations, FELV Tested, flea treatment, and micro chipping.

To contact Greene County Animal Control, email or call (937) 562-7400.