DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — This year’s Clear the Shelter event may have wrapped up over the weekend, but there are still plenty of animals looking for new homes.

The Clark County Dog Shelter gets hundreds of dogs through its doors each year. When we stopped by the shelter, there were nearly 50 dogs waiting for their forever family to find them.

“[Charlie]’s been here since the end of March and has been unable to find a home,” said Sandi Click, director at the shelter. “And we’re not real happy about that.

“He’s a great dog and nobody looks at him.”

So many animals at the shelter have a story similar to Charlie’s.

Each year, the Clark County Dog Shelter takes in between 800-1,000 dogs found wandering the streets.

Some of them are immediately reunited with their owners, something that Click says demonstrates the power of dog licenses that help fund the shelter.

“We typically take them straight home when they are wearing a tag on their collar,” Click says.

Others aren’t so lucky. They go unclaimed and are put up for adoption.

Click says if you are considering adopting, you should:

  • Learn about the dog
  • Consider the costs
  • Make sure the whole family is on board.

“We want the adoptions to be successful, not just to get them out, but for them to stay in the home,” Click says.

She says that when a dogs finally can go to a good home, it’s an emotional moment for everyone.

“Those darn allergies get to me, and i just have to leave the room,” Click admits. “Yeah, it’s very heartwarming to see a dog — especially a long term resident — finally get their chance.”

Click says that even though some goodbyes are hard, she wants every dog at the shelter to find their match.

“We want to clear the shelter. Hey, by the end of the month, i don’t want to see any dogs back there.

“We need to get these dogs out of here.”