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Germ-O-Guard launches Line of Antiviral and Antibacterial Protective Skin Products for Portable Electronic Devices

Germ-O-Guard Protective skins being used to protect MacBook laptop, keeping it germ free

Germ-O-Guard Protective Skins are available for popular laptops, keeping them all germ free

Germ-O-Guard Protective skins being used to protect smartphones and tablets, keeping them all germ free

Germ-O-Guard Protective skins are also available for smartphones and tablets

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Additional products include skins for switches, buttons and various surfaces. Masks featuring the same technology are also available

VBFree process produces self-sterilizing and durable nano-silver coatings which actively eliminate germs without the use of toxic, skin-irritating chemicals

The added benefit of course is that our skins don’t just protect the devices...they also protect the users by actively killing viruses and bacteria that tend to accumulate on its surfaces.”
— Director of Marketing, Marc Edwards
BOYNTON BEACH, FL, USA, September 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Germ-O-Guard has launched a campaign on popular crowdfunding website IndieGoGo to introduce its line of Germ-O-Guard Protective Skin products to the market.

Available in many different sizes, these transparent laminated PET sheets are custom cut to fit popular models of smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.

Germ-O-Guard Protective Skins employ nanotechnology to imbue the materials with self-sterilizing properties. Using the advanced VBFree deposition process, various materials can be coated with a layer of nano-silver which both blocks germs and actively eliminates them without the use of any chemicals which might be considered harmful or skin irritants. This layer is durable and enduring, allowing the materials to be wiped normally without losing their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Self-adhesive protective skins have long been used on portable electronics, primarily for the purpose of protecting the finishes from the inevitable nicks and scratches that are bound to occur on devices that their owners are constantly carrying around, but also increasingly for enhancing the look with added graphics, and design patterns. Not only do Germ-O-Guard skins also feature attractive graphics, their translucent material allows the original finish of the surfaces to show through, preserving their premium appearance and design. This also means that any graphic designs printed on the material blend in well and enhance the look of the surface rather than simply obscuring it.

“Protective skins continue to be a popular choice for consumers”, says Director of Marketing, Marc Edwards. “We’ve all heard of people who get the latest phone but are afraid to take it out of the box until they’ve also gotten a skin for it, and our Germ-O-Guard skins are just as indispensable. The added benefit of course is that our skins don’t just protect the devices, they not only enhance the look with eye-catching designs and patterns, but they also protect the users by actively killing viruses and bacteria that tend to accumulate on its surfaces. No more need to use antibacterial wipes or cleaning chemicals – not only are those not good for electronic devices, they’re not good for your skin either.”

In addition to electronic devices Germ-O-Guard protective skins are also available for payment cards and ID cards,

“It was very important to us that we make our Protector Skins available for as many different models of devices as possible”, adds Jensen Fong, Director of Operations. “Often when it comes to third party accessories manufacturers will focus on one or two most popular models from just one or two brands in order to reduce costs. However, if we are to be successful in our objective of actually helping our customers be safer we need to meet them where they are and give them as many device options as possible. To achieve this, we have entered into license agreements to gain access to a large library of design files which allow us to cover a wide range of brands and device models. In addition, we are also making skin material available in sheets so customers with home vinyl cutting machines will be able to make their own custom cut skins for even more devices.

Germ-O-Guard also has a wide range of other products based around the same VBFree nano-silver technology. These include face masks for personal protection as well as sheets and rolls of material which can be applied to protect desks and tables, work spaces, door handles, touch screens or any other frequently touched or handled surfaces which would benefit from antiviral and antibacterial protection. Furthermore, the material can also be used in automated cutting machines or manually cutting by hand for custom DiY projects.

Germ-O-Guard is currently welcoming enquiries regarding bulk orders and businesses interested in pursuing commercial opportunities. The company has also embarked on an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to introduce their entire range of products to the market. Campaign supporters have the opportunity to preorder the products at specially discounted prices before they are available in retail stores. The campaign can be viewed at the following link:

Demonstration video - Germ-O-Guard protective skins preserve the stylish appearance of premium devices:

Demonstration video - Creating home-made Germ-O-Guard custom protective skins:

For media and business enquiries, send email to enquiries@germoguard.com or visit http://www.germoguard.com

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Introducing the Germ-O-Guard lineup of antiviral & antibacterial products for cleaner, healthier, everyday living.