DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Canadian wildfires have filled the sky with a haze across the state, but did you know it could be impacting your vehicle?

According to information from AAA, it is important to keep your vehicle clean from bird droppings, pollen, smoke and soot in the air.

Drivers are encouraged to wash their cars by hand. It’s said by AAA to be better to wash your vehicle by hand with a pH balanced soap for vehicles.

Ash and pollen from the atmosphere will also harm your vehicle if not removed. It may appear that the ash is harmless because of the “soft and somewhat fluffy” appearance, it actually is described as abrasive and gritty once it reaches the vehicle.

Pollen is something vehicle owners should remove as they notice it too. It can harm your vehicle the more it is on it.

“As for pollen, it should be removed from your car as soon as possible,” AAA says. “The longer it remains on the surfaces, the more chance it will permeate into your paint’s pores, and cause your painted surfaces to pit and fade.”

If bird droppings land on vehicles, it can cost you a lot of money if you don’t remove it quickly. Bird droppings contain uric acid, which AAA says eats your vehicle’s paint and can make you pay thousands of dollars if it stays on too long.

“We are seeing more pollen covered vehicles in this part of the county and you’ll want to take steps to clean it without causing damage,” Eric Hicks, regional manager, AAA Auto Wash, Cincinnati said. “If your car sits near any pollen creating trees, you need to use a hose to spray down any exposed heat exchangers as well. Ultimately pollen will damage and break down the painted surfaces, and cause rust.”

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