Melissa Barrington

Melissa Barrington

Melissa Barrington is the Meteorologist for 2 NEWS Weekend Mornings. She joined Storm Team 2 in 2010.  

Melissa began her career in broadcast meteorology in Des Moines, IA during the Great Flood of 1993 working for ABC.  In 1994, she traveled east to Scranton, PA to work for CBS.  From Pennsylvania, she went on to FOX Indianapolis in 1995. Her journey continued to NBC Columbus, OH in 1997.  Finally, she ended up as an On-Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel from 2000-2005.      

Melissa received the America’s Award for TV Weather at the International Weather Festival in Paris, France in 2001.

Melissa’s long career in weather across the country has helped her become a seasoned veteran of many different types of weather from floods like the Great Flood of 1993 to tornadoes to covering hurricanes like France, Ivan and Jeanne in 2004 for The Weather Channel.  Melissa has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University.  She also holds the Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association since 1993 and has been active in weather and climate. 

Her love of weather dates back to her teenage years.  Before weather, she had a dream to work for NASA as an astronaut. 

Melissa enjoys baking, cooking, reading and sewing… She has been active in other areas too like being a Girl Scout leader and a former PTO president.

Melissa and her husband, Jim, are proud parents of two children.

  • Birthday: February
  • Hometown: Chicago
  • Favorite Food: Pizza

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