Channing King

Channing King, digital executive producer, WDTN News 2, Dayton, Ohio

Channing King joined WDTN-TV NBC 2 News in April 2023 as the Digital Executive Producer after more than two decades in Indianapolis media.

Since moving to Dayton, he’s been exploring the pizza scene and really come to enjoy the concept of “Dayton-style” pizza. He has a list of recommended places on his phone that he’s slowly working his way through. If you have a suggestion for him to try, send it his way with the form at the bottom of this page.

In his spare time and on weekends, Channing enjoys video games, both playing and learning about their history. (Fun fact: Elvis Presley’s death played a roundabout role in the creation of “Tomb Raider.”) He’s an avid walker, having done the (Indianapolis) 500 Festival Mini-Marathon more than a dozen times, and is looking forward to exploring Dayton’s walking/cycling paths along the river.

Favorite video game: Of all time? Super Mario World or Robotron 2084. Recent-ish? The Dishonored series.

Favorite movies: Casablanca, Wings of Desire, This is Spinal Tap, Halloween (1978), Rock and Roll High School.

Favorite musician: The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed. Modern times? Weird Al and They Might Be Giants.

Favorite book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Favorite podcasts: Player One Podcast, Retronauts, Nextlander, Mom Can’t Cook.

Favorite TV shows: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (the TV’s Frank era), Buffy/Angel, X-Files. Oh, and just one more thing: Columbo.

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