VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — Multiple organizations gathered together for a partnership on Thursday in an effort to increase safety of drivers out on the roadways.

The safety program called Car-Fit is designed to help older adults out on the road get a better understanding of the operational aspects of their car. Organizers held the event to increase comfort and safety of drivers.

Volunteers were trained and had a 12-point checklist of items they had to look for and complete on each vehicle. The position of the driver’s seat, accessibility of the pedal and adjusting the mirrors are just some of the items the trained personnel were assisting everyone with that wanted to learn more about their vehicle and staying safe.

“The more comfortable you are in your car, the less distracted you will be. If you don’t have proper side view mirror settings, and you have to constantly turn and worry about if someone’s in your blind spot, you’re not gonna be focused on what’s actually in front of you,” Charles Briggerman, program manager for Miami Valley Hospital Injury Prevention Center said.

Older adults are not the only individuals that can benefit from the car check event. Newer drivers and anyone in general that wants to get a better understanding of their car are able to benefit too.