DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A woman who uncovered love letters written during World War II while she was renovating her home has tracked down the family they belong to, according to MyHeritage via Storyful.

Staten Island resident Dottie said she uncovered the love letters while she was renovating her home 30 years ago.

Now, the letters have made their way back to the family after the woman contacted an heirloom investigator who helped her find the owners.

The letters were signed by Claude Marsten Smythe and addressed to his wife, Marie Borgal Smythe.

With Brown’s help, and the use of genealogy website MyHeritage, they managed to track down Claude and Marie’s daughter, Vermont resident Carol Bohlin, who said she was grateful to read all about her parents.

“This one was so special because I didn’t actually know if the descendants would ever see my message about the letters,” Brown said in a press release provided by MyHeritage.

“This one was also particularly special because this wasn’t an artifact that I found. A woman who was doing a renovation in the ’90s found these letters in her house, and she didn’t know what to do with them for years. She’d held onto them until she discovered what I did.”