DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — In just two weeks, families across the country will gather at dinner tables to enjoy turkey in celebration of Thanksgiving.

The health of the turkey during its life, including the quality of animal feed, water, and air, will impact the taste of your dinner.

One local farm, Maker’s Meadow, is using regenerative agriculture to create what they call, “food medicine.” Located in West Alexandria, the family-owned farm uses traditional agricultural practices to produce more nutritious turkey products.

“Everybody says whenever they taste any of our meats, they’re just like, ‘whoa!’ Like, this is different,” says John Filburn, farmer at Maker’s Meadow.

Nearly 200 turkeys and other livestock are on the farm, and this is their busiest time of the year.

Filburn, a fourth-generation farmer at Maker’s Meadow, says they move the animals around daily so they can access and eat fresh grass. This also helps stimulate the plants to re-grow and offer a new variety with every move.

On many conventional farms, pesticides on the ground sterilize the grass growth. Filburn explains that this strips the grass from naturally occurring microbes.

“What that’s done is that’s killed a lot of the health in our soil. And our foods don’t have near as much nutrients because the soil is not as healthy as it used to be with all the chemicals,” said Filburn.

Filburn explains the difference in quality is why their farm focuses on regenerative agricultural processes. While this can be three to four times as expensive as modern farming techniques, he says it’s the key to the quality of their products.

“Each plant pulls up different minerals and nutrients out of the soil. And when they eat that, the nutrient level is so much higher and it’s so much healthier for you,” said Filburn.

You can find all of Maker’s Meadow products on their website. The farm ships to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana residents. The last day to order a turkey is Monday, Nov. 13 at midnight.