DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — On Election Day, Troy residents will vote on a levy for Troy City Schools.

The levy would combine seven buildings in the district to four, housing students grades K-6.

According to Troy City Schools, the national average life span of a school building is 42 years. Troy’s elementary school buildings far exceed that average at 81 years.

“It’s difficult for our teachers to collaborate in those spaces. We’re going to be much more collaborative with fewer buildings. And also, we’ve projected, conservatively projected that our operational costs will be $1.1 million less annually with fewer buildings,” said Chris Piper, Troy City Schools superintendent.

On the ballot is a 37-year bond issue of $4.66 million for new construction. Also on the ballot, $2.3 million for 29-years to be used for permanent improvements. If passed, the levy will cost a Troy homeowner $20.13 per $100,000 valuation per month.

“The auditor is going to collect the same amount of money each year for the next 37 years, for the bond issue. It’s kind of like if you take out a mortgage, that price is locked in other than taxes and those kinds of things,” said Piper.

The district would build three buildings for grades Pre-K through 4, one junior high building for grades 5 and 6. Two of the four buildings will be on current sites of Cookson and Hook elementary schools.

The levy is a similar plan to what the district put on the ballot in 2020, where it did not pass. The main change to the upcoming ballot was moving the location of the junior high building.

Superintendent Piper believes this proposal fits what the community wants.

“People like to have a local feel to their building to and I understand that. So, I feel like we’ve done a good job of listening to people and hearing that feedback. And I think this plan that’s on the ballot is what the board thinks is the best, best version of neighborhood schools that we can offer at a reasonable cost.”

If the levy passes on Tuesday, Nov. 7, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will give Troy City Schools around $46 million to fund the project. The school district estimates the buildings will be ready to move in by 2027.