DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Human trafficking is a world-wide issue, including here in Ohio. A nonprofit based in California recently purchased a second property in Dayton to end trafficking in a unique way.

The four founders of EDEN, Brandon and Nicole Far and Juan and Leslie Garcia, found their passion to help survivors of human trafficking after a service trip to Thailand in 2018. They first started by giving to the organizations that support anti-trafficking efforts on their own, before realizing they needed to do more to help.

“The reality is, a lot of these anti-trafficking organizations, they are struggling to raise funds,” Nicole Far said.

The founders decided to use their background in real estate investment to invest in making a difference for these nonprofits.

“What if we use the same tools, the same tactics that the multi-billion dollar businesses, entrepreneurs are using to create so much wealth? We can use that same process to create wealth for the nonprofits,” Brandon Far said.

EDEN’s mission works by using 100% of the donations they receive to purchase and renovate properties. The home is then rented out as affordable housing, and the rent money collected goes to anti-human trafficking organizations. This creates a monthly stream of donations to the non-profits.

“We’ve actually found how to make rent change the world,” Juan Garcia said.

They purchased their first property in Dayton around one year ago, and recently purchased a second on South McGee Street.

The rent from this property will have a direct local impact. It will go to Oasis House in Dayton, which offers support and resources to survivors of human trafficking.

“With this relationship, we are hopeful that because of that, we can do less fundraising and more direct service with the women that need our services,” Oasis House Executive Director Dona Pierce said.

This is just the beginning for EDEN. Their goal is to eventually raise $30 million to purchase 600 rental properties, which would generate around $400,000 a month for their cause.

To learn more about EDEN, click here.