DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The freeze is coming, and right now is the time to prepare, according to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

The severe weather is expected to create dangerous conditions on the roadways, and teams are ready if any emergency arises.

Snow emergencies are classified into three different levels by the EMA.

Level one means that roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting, with the potential to be icy. Drivers are urged to be cautious.

Level two means hazardous blowing and extremely icy roads, when drivers are advised to avoid driving if possible to do so.

Level three, the worst level, means that roadways are closed, and no one should be driving unless it is a personal emergency. You can even be arrested for driving on the roads in this case.

“Where possible, stay off the roads,” Joel Smith, Miami County EMA Director, said. “I know maybe there’s people who can’t, but to minimize your risk, you need to try to find options to reduce travel and avoid that ice threat tomorrow.”

In addition to icy roads, officials say that high winds are expected to cause power outages across the area. Smith is advising Miami Valley residents to make an alternate plan in advance of the holiday weekend.

“If there was a power outage, where would you go? Plan for that now,” Smith said.

The safest plan of action involves keeping a charged cellphone, a stocked pantry and water on hand.