DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — As the weather changes in the Miami Valley, officials say safety and preparation should be top priority.

The rain and wind could leave some residents with debris and without power after these storms.

Officials spoke with 2 NEWS and say the strong winds especially often lead to power outages. AES Ohio says that they will have crews out, but they say the best thing that you can do is prepare.

“We’ve mobilized our storm team to address any outages that people may have during the course of these severe storms that are happening later on this evening,” Mary Ann Kabel, AES Ohio director of corporate communications said. “These storms are not only downpours, but there also is a potential for strong winds. That being said, and for any storm, we ask that customers prepare.”

Some of those preparations include making a plan in case of an emergency or outage and sharing it with family and friends.

The second preparational precaution step AES Ohio suggests to take is to create a weather aware storm kit with all the needed items, like nonperishable food, blankets, and fully charged electronics.

According to J&L Landscaping, those preparations should also include the outside of your home.

“If you have any dead or dying trees nearby to avoid any kind of tree, even if it’s alive. You don’t know if wind could knock the branches out. Stay away from those, especially trees that are near power lines,” Luke Dickerson, president of J&L Lawn and Landscape tells 2 NEWS.

“Anything that can land on a building. Preventative maintenance sort of said, you know, if any tree is within close proximity to your house that you feel is a threat or dangerous, you should have taken it down already,” Dickerson said.

If you do experience heavy tree fall, you are advised to call professionals so they can help. If you experience a power outage, immediately report it to AES either by picking up your phone and dialing 1-877-468-8243 or visiting their website