MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN) – A local mother and daughter are getting people moving to fund their children’s book written to teach kids about mental health.

Author Sybil Brun and her illustrator and daughter, Emma are hosting a Zumbathon at the courtyard at Austin Landing Friday evening, May 27. The event will begin at 6:30 pm and run until 8 pm and anyone who donates to the Kickstarter is invited to join them in getting moving for mental health.

The two have written and illustrated a book meant to teach children aged 6-10 about mental health and resiliency in a non-judgmental, faith-based manner. The book is called ‘Sunshine in Her Soul’ and is based on Sybil and Emma’s own experiences with depression recovery.

“It’s designed to be able to connect kids to their parents to be able to talk in a safe way, not afraid of judgment or all the stigma going around,” Emma said. “It’s really to promote a healthy environment in the family system and that is such an important message nowadays.”

‘Sunshine in Her Soul’ follows a young girl as she navigates her own mental health struggles.

“This book is meant to facilitate open discussions between parents and children about what it means to feel sad or anxious, along with teaching kids the importance of relying on God,” Sybil writes in the Kickstarter campaign. “Building these bridges early in life is a key component of the strong support system that our nation’s children so desperately need.”

To get admission to the event, you can donate online here, or in-person when you arrive. For more information on the book, click here.