DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (ARC) is asking the public to remain vigilant of their pets during these times of frigid temperatures.

“We have seen some increase in calls,” Amy Bohardt, Shelter Manager of ARC, said. “If you see an animal outside for an extended period of time, call us.”

Bohardt said the focus of the center is on dogs who are in danger because of the cold.

“We definitely would recommend that they have adequate protection from the weather,” Bohardt said.

“The ideal thing is to bring pets indoors, if at all possible. The worst-case scenario, in temperatures like today, even a heated garage or a heated building would be better than outdoors.”

She explains that even though dogs have fur to keep them warm, they are not meant to be kept out in the cold for extended periods of time, especially in severe weather. Making the trip to take your pet outside in frigid temperatures and windy conditions is uncomfortable to you, but your pet too.

Animal neglect can be reported by calling 937-898-4457 and pressing option one to connect with the ARC Dispatch Center.