DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The superintendent of a local school district is sleeping on a roof tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Paula Crew, superintendent at Tecumseh Local Schools, will be camping out on the high school’s roof as part of a deal with her students.

Last month, the school district raised funds for breast cancer awareness. Crew told her students and staff if they raised $1000, she’d sleep on the roof. Students and staff raised that and more.

“I knew the moment that I said it, I would be sleeping on the roof,” said Crew.

Breast cancer awareness is a cause close to the hearts of Tecumseh Local Schools, which has at least 13 breast cancer survivors in their district.

The first goal was $500, with a prize of high school principal Aaron Oakes wearing a pig wig and tutu. After students surpassed that, Crew upped the stakes with a new monetary goal.

“If they raised $1,000 in donations for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pink Ribbon Girls, then I told them I would spend the night on the roof,” said Crew.

The students continued to raise funds, totaling $2,000 in the month of October.

At first, students were skeptical she’d stay on the roof all night. However, Crew and two other school district employees who decided to join her, have a tent set up, and will be passing time playing cards.

In the morning, she plans to greet students arriving to school around 7:30 a.m. with a bull horn.