DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Following an FDA and CDC greenlight for Pfizer’s pediatric COVID-19 vaccine to be distributed to children ages 5-11, here in The Miami Valley, there are mixed feelings about vaccinating this age group.

At Dayton Children’s Hospital, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adam Mezoff says he’s hopeful this approved vaccine will reduce the virus’s impact on younger children. “There have been over 1.9 million cases of COVID in this age group. There have been 8300 hospitalizations. A third of which have had to go to the ICU. There’s been over 23 hundred cases of MISC, which you know is a multi-system inflammatory disorder, and there have been 94 deaths,” said Dr. Mezoff.

For the parents who feel anxious about getting their child vaccinated, Dr. Mezoff says the answers are in the trial of more than 3,000 that was conducted. “It was more than 90% effective. It was based on age not weight, so it’s about the maturity of your immune system. It’s a third of the adult dose, and children respond very well to the lower dose,” said Dr. Mezoff.

Amanda Weinstein’s 7 year old daughter is now eligible for the vaccine. Weinstein and her husband have decided to get her vaccinated after doing research. “We talked to some friends who are pediatricians and ER doctors who gave us some great information about what happened in the trials. We’re very confident in the risk being very minimal for children,” said Weinstein.

However, a father wanting to remain anonymous, says he and his eligible children won’t be getting the vaccine.

“I’m perfectly fine with anybody else saying ‘I choose to take it for whatever reason.’ I’m American I will fight for them to have their ability to choose to take it. But, on the other hand, I will also fight for those of us who don’t want to take it,” he said.

After nearly two years dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mezoff grateful to have a tool that can help protect younger children. “Science has taken us to such a level that we can protect our children in a way that we protect them against other bad infections. I think it’s amazing.”

Dayton Children’s Hospital will begin offering vaccination against covid-19 for ages 5-11 on Monday, November 8th. Appointments will be required. Click here for more information about making appointments for Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine.