DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A church in the Miami Valley teamed up with other churches and organizations on Saturday for a goal, to help the people of Ukraine.

Abiding Christ Lutheran Church in Fairborn held a food packing event on Saturday. The goal was to pack 10-thousand meals for the people in need that are living in Ukraine during the difficult times.

June Fryman is the lead pastor at Abiding Christ Lutheran Church and she tells 2 NEWS the group had an idea of getting everyone together and hosting an event to provide for those that are in need. The people in need the organizations chose was the people of Ukraine.

“We thought maybe we could get our other partner churches together and we could do a similar event,” Fryman said.

The lead pastor says they are able to provide help where it is needed, and this case, it is Ukraine.

“Expanding our outreach and part of our faith is that Jesus is sending us all over the world to do that.”

Director of Faith Formation at Abiding Christ Lutheran, Heather McGee, says each bag of food going to Ukraine must have 390 grams of measured food inside before it can be delivered to the people of Ukraine.

“On a team of 10, one person will hold the bag over the funnel, then we’ll have other people add the ingredient and we’ll send it down the line to weight it to make sure it is a certain weight, they pass it onto someone who heat sells it, then we pack them in top the boxes,” McGee said.

Organizers say they are appreciative of the people who prepared leading up to the event happen, but also the volunteers that gave back to people that are in need.