WEST CARROLLTON, OH (WDTN) — You may not have one of these, but times are changing, and you can get started on some seasonal chores before Saturday night.

Springing forward this weekend unofficially means later sunsets, warmer temperatures, and longer days to come, but the time change will impact your sleep and daily routine for the days after the change.

Dr. Joseph Allen, Regional Medical Director at Premier Health said, “That’s going to get mess with our circadian rhythm here and certainly that first morning is always the one that’s really dangerous. It takes a couple of days to acclimate, so a couple other days that can be a little bit bad for that as well.”

It is always a good reminder to check smoke detectors by cleaning and making sure the batteries work, but one fireman thinks it should be even sooner to make sure you are always prepared.

Michael Long, West Carrollton Fire Department Fire Inspector said, “You test them monthly. It’s not an every six months or a time change thing. Test your smoke detectors monthly, keep them clean, make sure they work.”

Check the dryer vent. According to FEMA, there are 2900 dryer fires a year that cost nearly $35 million in damage, and failing to clean the vent is the leading cause.

West Carrollton Fire Department Fire Inspector Michael Long said, “Clean it from the back of the dryer. Follow the vent through till it leaves the house.”

He continued saying, “You can get your dryer out, pull it out clean behind it. You can even vacuum below the vent and get all that stuff that builds up underneath your dryer, because that’s where it’ll catch fire once it starts building up heat.”

The West Carrollton Fire Department has a smoke detector program to install and check batteries for residents. You can find out how the program works by going to their website.