DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The updates about Damar Hamlin’s health have been good news for many sports fans.

“I just want to see him being back to his normal self, whether he plays this game of football again or not, just being able to live the life he deserves,” Azal Mitchell, a fan, said.

Mitchell and other NFL fans are starting to release some anxiousness after Monday night, when they saw Damar Hamlin unexpectedly drop at Paycor Stadium. Andrew Pettit, another fan, says he believes the hopes and prayers are working as the whole world rallies behind Damar right now.

“When you get that glimpse of hope, it’s very encouraging to, like, the whole world right now because like the whole country is rooting for tomorrow, and just sharing his updates. It definitely has a big smile on my face,” Pettit said.

With daily news of his progress, it’s been an amazing feeling to people all across the country, regardless of if they follow sports. 

Hamlin’s GoFundMe page also continues to grow with every passing hour. His original goal of 2,500 dollars has been crushed, raising more than 7.5 million dollars and growing. Sara Stephens says that she can’t wait for him to see all the support he’s received. 

“The humility that people have been able to show and just rally around them and support you know a human being in and his life it’s just remarkable to see that that total gets over 7 million, so it’ll be fun to hear at you know once they are able to talk to Damar and tell him how much money has been raised,” Stephens said.

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