DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — When the temperature dips below freezing, it can be dangerous for anyone exposed to the cold for too long, but it is especially dangerous for an infant who is unable to regulate their own body temperature.

Experts are weighing in on the dangers of exposure to cold temperatures after an abducted baby was found in a carseat outside of the Dayton International Airport on Tuesday.

“If it’s an extended period of time, or they’re improperly prepared for the cold weather, it can be disastrous,” Dr. Joseph Allen, Regional Medical Director of Premier Health, said.

It takes just minutes for frostbite or hypothermia to set in. For a baby, that danger is even more severe.

“Little ones, they don’t do that as well. They also don’t have the blood volume, or the body volume, to inflate themselves and keep their core temperatures where they should be, which in turn makes that quite dangerous.” Allen said.

Law enforcement officers are still searching for abduction suspect 24-year-old Nalah Tamiko Jackson.

Police asked anyone with information about Jackson to call its Special Victims Bureau tip line at 614-645-4266. CPD asked anyone who sees the car or the infant to call 911 immediately.