DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The winter marks a difficult time for survivors of domestic violence.

Dayton Police and Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. recently celebrated the success of their program “Project Comfort” which delivered nearly 1,000 items to the Family Justice Center on Nov. 15.

During the month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, donation barrels across Dayton collected much-needed items including clothes, hats, gloves, and socks.

“Domestic violence victims have all kinds of challenges. Housing, clothing, keeping warm, keeping fed is something that they should not have to worry about,” said Prosecutor Heck.

The YWCA says that during the winter months, more families stay inside, at home. That can lead to a dangerous situation for victims of domestic violence.

“If home is not a safe space for you, then the holidays are not always the comfort that they might be for you or I,” said Nadia Boquist, associate director of development for YWCA Dayton.

The YWCA says that they expect to see a rise in calls to their victim hotline during throughout the rest of the year.

This time of year, the organization relies on donations of gifts and toys for kids. But essentials like underwear and socks are still needed, especially for those in colder climates.

“It’s much more exciting to give a child a toy for Christmas than to give someone a pack of underwear, but it’s very needed,” said Boquist.

The YWCA is now collecting items for their Holiday Market, a yearly event allows families to shop through gifts for their loved ones for a holiday experience.

For a list of the items that they are asking for, visit the YWCA’S Donation Wishlist.