DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice was sworn in for a second term Wednesday at the Dayton Metro Library.

Rice said one of her top priorities for 2023 is promoting mental health resources for the region. She said that starts by bringing the community together and working to develop a plan.

She believes a collaborative process can help find solutions to this issue.

“Our role is to be a convener, and to work with all the many agencies, that this is their full-time focus,” Rice said. “Really, just to get us together and make sure we are working most efficiently and effectively together so that we can drive the most benefit.”

Commissioner Rice admitted her first term had some challenges as she reflected on the Memorial Day tornadoes, Oregon District mass shooting and COVID-19 pandemic.

“For most of us, these disasters dramatically impacted our lives and put plans and hopes on the back burner as we responded to emergencies,” Rice said. “Through all this, we continued to address critical issues that moved the County forward, and we made that happen by working together.”

She said she looks forward to addressing the county’s needs, all in an effort to keep Montgomery County growing.

“The next four years are bright and promising. There are many people who are working on the issues in front of the community, and I am proud to be working with them,” Commissioner Rice said.

“Together, we make a difference in the lives of so many people in so many ways on a daily
basis—that’s the incredible reward of public service that touches my heart every single day.”