** The video in the player above shows a segment from an April episode of “Living Dayton” relating to birds. **

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — What kind of birds do you think are common in large parking areas of Ohio? The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) provided some insight into what people should know when attempting to identify a gull throughout the state.

ODNR’s Division of Wildlife Communication Specialist Kathy Garza-Behr says that a handful of gulls are “very common” across some parts of the state.

In Ohio, only two species of gulls breed. Those species of gulls include the herring and ring-billed gulls.

The ring-billed gull is known as the “default gull,” since it sticks around the state through every season the state gets to experience. ODNR says the ring-billed gull is the species most commonly found in urban areas compared to less-populated areas.

Gulls at a parking lot in Miami Township (WDTN Photo/Carlos Mathis)

“The parking lots offer them trash that may contain food and the lots are also large and open,” Garza Behr says.

“This offers them the ability to see predators or danger more easily.”

Herring gulls are similar to ring-billed, as they have loud yelping calls. The gulls are normally found at Lake Erie but travel in colder temperatures towards the Ohio River.