OHIO (WOWK) — The deadline for Ohio dog owners to purchase their pups’ annual licenses is approaching.

According to the Athens County Dog Shelter, dog licenses are due by Jan. 31, 2023. The Ohio Revised Code states dogs over 3 months old or have been with their owner for 30 days are required to have a current county license.

The state Code says registration fees include a minimum of $2 for a one-year registration, $6 for a three-year registration, or $20 for a permanent registration which . Boards of county commissioners do have the authority to pass resolutions to raise these fees, and the fees may vary by county, the Code says.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, owners of guide, hearing or service dogs trained by a nonprofit special agency are exempt from registration fees and will receive a permanent registration that will not need renewed as long as the dog continues to serve in its assistance role.

More information about how to obtain and/or renew a dog license for your pet is available online at www.doglicenses.us/OH. If you live in an Ohio county that is not listed, you can contact your county auditor’s office or local animal shelter for more details.

Those who fail to purchase a license could be subject to citations, fines and late fees, according to the Athens County Dog Shelter.