VIENNA Twp., Ohio (WKBN)- The Animal Welfare League said this time of year is super busy for pet adoptions.

And that makes sense. You have seen the commercials.

The ones where a cute kitten or puppy pops out of the bow-tied basket or stocking.

It pulls at your heartstrings.

This could make you feel more impulsive about adopting that pet you’ve been talking about forever. I spoke with AWL director Lori Shandor about this. She said like any time of the year, bringing a pet into the home is a big commitment and should be thoroughly discussed.

“You need to remember that you’re making a 15-year commitment. You know, the majority, especially if you’re getting an animal like a kitten or a puppy, which is, of course, very popular this time of year,” said Shandor.

She said the holidays can be a really fun time to introduce a pet to the house. The cons of adopting this time of year boil down to people returning pets they weren’t ready for. Shelters are already so full, so they say even if you wanted to, many area shelters may not take pets in.

Lori says if you are ready, she encourages anyone to adopt and bring a new family member home. She also shared ways to help pet owners keep their pets in their forever homes.

Pets are great additions to the home and can be really fun this time of year. But what happens when the newness wears off? Sometimes, people decide for a variety of reasons, they no longer can have a pet in their home.

She says many of the reasons for pets being brought back to the shelter can be avoided. Proper training and education are important. She also said to make sure your family is prepared to work together to take care of a new family member.

“And it can be a great addition to bring a lot of happiness and teach a little bit of responsibility. You know, making sure that the kids in the family are helping with the pet,” Shandor said.

Lori says this time of year is great because many of us are doing less running around. With more time at home and inside, it can be time used to bond with a new pet. She also recommends looking inward and asking yourself, what type of pet works for me and my family?

Sometimes people may want a dog and realize a cat may fit their lifestyles better. Or, they wanted a puppy but realized an older dog may be better for their pace.

Either way, adoption can be a great thing no matter what. There are plenty of resources available when you adopt from shelters like AWL.

So, if you want to learn more about the process, talk to them and the shelter will walk through it with you.