DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Over two dozen animals received care at a vaccination clinic at Sinclair Community College.

On Friday, June 9, more than 24 animals received free preventative care vaccines, deworming medication, physical exams and nail trimming services. The care happened at Sinclair’s main location in Dayton.

Sinclair College’s Veterinary Technology Chair and Professor Dr. Carolyn Reno spoke on what the children like about the program.

“Well they love this part of learning,” Reno said. “The hands-on learning is really where it’s at, and they all tell me that this is one of their most favorite events to do during the school year.”

If you are looking for free vaccination clinics, Sinclair will be holding more during the summer. People can contact the program by calling 937-512-2563 or sending an email.