Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to take a dip in the pool. Just ask these raccoons.

Jimmy Sena of Huntington Beach says he woke up to his chocolate Lab, Hank, “going crazy” around 5:45 a.m. Friday morning. He looked outside and saw one raccoon on a wall in his backyard. No big deal.

“I tried to calm Hank down and went back to bed, and then he went even crazier!” said Sena. “I looked out back again and saw three Racoons all standing by the edge of the pool, and they were either playing or fighting.”

Moments later, he says, one raccoon fell into the pool and the other two jumped in.

Sena recorded over two minutes of the critters swimming around and generally having a good time (and getting clean). He sent the video to KTLA with the fitting subject line, “Raccoon Pool Party.”

Raccoon pool party
Jimmy Sena recorded over two minutes of the raccoons swimming in his Huntington Beach, Calif. pool. May 26, 2023. (Jimmy Sena)

Sena says the raccoons stayed in the pool for around 20 minutes and “weren’t concerned about us watching at all.”

Two of them eventually left while a third stuck around for another 45 minutes.

“That was first – never saw this in the 20+ years I’ve lived here.”

As adorable as they are, raccoons can be aggressive when they are threatened or get too comfortable around humans and our food. Experts with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife recommend keeping your distance and avoiding feeding them.