LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Kentucky Humane Society Equine CARE team caught and rescued 10 free-roaming horses in February.

According to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), the CARE team, the horses were brought to Willow Hope Farm from the eastern Kentucky mountains and a veterinarian examined the “painfully thin horses.”

KHS said several of the mares are likely pregnant and need extra care and the younger ones appeared to be displaying skeletal ribs from under their thicker winter coats.

The horses will need pregnancy checks or castration, vaccinations, deworming, dental checks, and an abundance of food.

KHS said they are grateful for all of the individuals that have offered their time and resources to helping the horses and are also grateful the horses are safe. However, they said the cost of vet care, fuel equipment, and housing for a rescue of this size is staggering.

The CARE team is requesting donations on Facebook or at the give site on their homepage.