DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A large black spider with yellow spots is being located in more places around the country.

The Joro Spider is a spider that is native to the eastern portion of Asia. Just about a decade ago in 2014, the spider was found in Georgia.

Experts believe the spider got into the US through a shipping container from eastern Asia. Since the initial discovery in Georgia, they have been found throughout other southeastern states of the US.

Joro spiders can tolerate colder climates, so it is a possibility they will eventually migrate and be found in most of the US in the future. Surprisingly, the Joro Spider is described as quite shy and non-aggressive.

Some characteristics of the spider are noticeable, which you may want to be aware of if you would come across one in the future while traveling, or if one happens to migrate north to Ohio.

The spiders have tiny fangs and do have venom, but the venom is said to be weak. Their webs, however, are quite strong.