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SAN MANUEL, Ariz. (WJW) — A homeowner in Arizona got quite the shock upon returning home Monday to see not their pet in its doggie bed, but a bobcat.

The Arizona Game & Fish Department said the wild animal is believed to have gotten inside using an unlocked dog door.

While the bobcat got out of the home before a wildlife officer could arrive to help, the family’s dog was not so lucky.

Squeakers reportedly showed up the next day with extensive injuries due to a believed encounter with the bobcat.

Photo credit: Emerik Zovko

The family has started a GoFundMe account for their pet’s surgery fees. See the full photo of Squeakers’ attack wounds right here.

Wildlife officials remind people not to engage if a wild animal ends up inside their home.

“Don’t handle entrapped or hurt wildlife yourself,” Arizona Game & Fish Department said in a tweet.