DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The City of Dayton is employing tactics to deter aggressive geese from the city’s Water Reclamation Plant.

According to Miyah Bayless, research and control specialist at Dayton’s Water Reclamation Plant, geese are attacking workers and leaving droppings around the facility.

“Geese have been attacking our employees and when they go to get samples or do some work, if the geese are nesting near those areas, they are going to attack. They attack vehicles,” said Bayless.

The geese tend to stick around due to the grass they are using as a food source, said Bayless.

“It seems like the geese are finding that we have such a large facility with grass that they want to eat so they are coming in droves to the facility.”

The City has employed Stalk and Awe Geese Management Services to deal with the issue. Bayless said Stalk and Awe employees come to the facility daily with dogs that chase the geese away and deter them from nesting.

Although the geese have been a nuisance to the Water Reclamation Plant for two years now, the City is hopeful these tactics will help.

Bayless said, “If we can prevent them from nesting at the facility, we can potentially deter them from coming back.”