**Video Credit: Kevin Kendrick/Houston Zoo via Storyful.**

HOUSTON (WJW) — A certain Mr. Pickles is not only the oldest animal at the Houston Zoo, but also its most recent dad.

The 90-year-old radiated tortoise’s companion Mrs. Pickles recently laid and burrowed three surprise eggs at the end of a work day, the zoo reported.

As Houston soil is not right for these types of animals, the zoo said the eggs probably would not have hatched had a zoo employee not have spotted them. Workers were then able to scoop up the eggs and get them to the Reptile & Amphibian House for monitoring until they hatched.

Native to Madagascar, the radiated tortoise is endangered, and now there are three new tortoise hatchlings in the world, aptly named Dill, Gherkin and Jalapeno.

The three siblings are not currently on display but should be joining their parents, who’ve been together 36 years, quite soon.